Here are today’s gas prices for gasoline, diesel, LPG and other fuel costs in: Martinsburg filling stations, within the zip code area 25402

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These are the average gas prices in Martinsburg. If you need to know which gas station is the cheapest, our friends at MapQuest, will be able to tell you exactly which gas station in Martinsburg, WV is selling your gas, diesel and at what price.

Keep checking back to to find out which gas station in the Martinsburg area is offering the best value price per gallon and please take a look around, we offer much more than Gas prices and the cost of fuel in Martinsburg Zip 25402.

We can tell you where you can charge your electric car, as we know where the charging stations are in Martinsburg.

We can also tell you where you can fill up with alternative fuels such as: BioDiesel, CNG, Ethanol, Hydrogen, LNG and Propane.

Gas prices Martinsburg 25402

We have used the following latitude and longitude coordinates, county and state data to determine as accurately as possible the Martinsburg local area gas station prices:

State: West Virginia
County: Berkeley
Longitude: -77.9639 
- Latitude: 39.4562


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