Avacs AirCon Refresh

Avacs Limited have just had a website refresh of their highly successful car air conditioning repairs pages.

In total a further 180 images have been added to the website but the most important ones were in the repairs pages.

Car manufacturers logos have been added to every page together with at least one of the model range from that brand.

These additions add a new dimension to the pages and have transformed them from a directory style listing to now, colourful and vibrant pages.

These new additions are part of Avacs Limiteds comitment to their successful online marketing policy that places their website at the centre.

“82% of all our new business comes through our website” said a delighted Gary Osgood MD from Avacs.

Gary continued, “Each year the performance figures increase for the website and this is our area for key business growth. We don’t intend to sit back either, we have placed a further order for another new website with MyWebsiteSpace.co.uk to be operational by May/June 2010, and we look forward to similar results from that one”.

See the new changes at www.avacs.co.uk