Microsoft launch KIN Social Networking Phones

  Microsoft launched two mobile phones this week that are based on a new flavor of Microsoft’s upcoming mobile operating system, Windows® Phone 7. The mobile phones, named KIN One and KIN Two, come with an entirely new interface that puts social services such as Facebook, Twitter and newsfeeds at its core. “If you are focused on social connection, self […]

Asbestos Removal Website

Southern Counties Asbestos Limited have just placed an order for a new website: Development started immediately and overall took one week to complete before its launch, take a look at the website: Further enhancements are being added on a rolling basis now with Facebook and Twitter automated interfaces. These new interfaces will be used by Southern […]

Avacs AirCon Refresh

Avacs Limited have just had a website refresh of their highly successful car air conditioning repairs pages. In total a further 180 images have been added to the website but the most important ones were in the repairs pages. Car manufacturers logos have been added to every page together with at least one of the […]

Mobile Devices Usage Figures

Data from the GSM Association (GSMA), showed that 16 million people in the UK accessed the internet from their mobile phones in December 2009. Together, they viewed a total of 6.7 billion pages and spent more than 4.8 billion minutes (60 million hours) online during the month. The figures go to support our earlier feature that business […]

Your Website

You need your website to work. You want it to rank high on Google so you jump out at customers, generating more enquiries and increasing your sales. That’s the bottom line and that’s exactly why are the people to help. We specialise is designing websites optimised for Google because if you can’t be found […]