Microsoft launch KIN Social Networking Phones

  Microsoft launched two mobile phones this week that are based on a new flavor of Microsoft’s upcoming mobile operating system, Windows® Phone 7. The mobile phones, named KIN One and KIN Two, come with an entirely new interface that puts social services such as Facebook, Twitter and newsfeeds at its core. “If you are focused on social connection, self […]

Mobile Devices Usage Figures

Data from the GSM Association (GSMA), showed that 16 million people in the UK accessed the internet from their mobile phones in December 2009. Together, they viewed a total of 6.7 billion pages and spent more than 4.8 billion minutes (60 million hours) online during the month. The figures go to support our earlier feature that business […]

Mobile Phone Compatability

Is your website viewable using an iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry touch mobile device? As mobile phone technology advances at a dynamic pace, we just cannot afford to ignore the fact that people are now using their mobile phones as a device to surf the Internet, and they could be your next customers. When MyWebsiteSpace design a website, […]