Avacs AirCon Refresh

Avacs Limited have just had a website refresh of their highly successful car air conditioning repairs pages. In total a further 180 images have been added to the website but the most important ones were in the repairs pages. Car manufacturers logos have been added to every page together with at least one of the […]

Overhaul Blocked Drains

MyWebsiteSpace look after the website www.blockeddraincompany.co.uk for SDI-Unistride (Southern) Limited. In recent weeks have been asked by our client to overhaul the website making it compatible for use with mobile devices. Our client is a forward thinking business, their decision was based upon the noticeable increase in visitors using mobile devices to their website. Members of the […]

Mobile Phone Compatability

Is your website viewable using an iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry touch mobile device? As mobile phone technology advances at a dynamic pace, we just cannot afford to ignore the fact that people are now using their mobile phones as a device to surf the Internet, and they could be your next customers. When MyWebsiteSpace design a website, […]

Why You Need a Website

A Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website opens new doors for your business, working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week as customers find your products and services easily on Google and other search engines. You can’t afford to let your competitors get ahead – website design by mywebsitespace.co.uk is perfect for small […]

Your Website

You need your website to work. You want it to rank high on Google so you jump out at customers, generating more enquiries and increasing your sales. That’s the bottom line and that’s exactly why MyWebsiteSpace.co.uk are the people to help. We specialise is designing websites optimised for Google because if you can’t be found […]