Search Engine Optimisation SEO


Our clients like us because we get them high ranking on Google, the world’s most popular search engine, putting them right in front of their potential customers.

But Google is very smart. It keeps its algorithms and methods of scoring a closely guarded secret and frequently changes some aspects of its criteria to “shuffle the pack.”

There can be no guarantees, but we have the know-how to keep up with Google and other search engines – and we follow their rules and guidelines, using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that are ethical and natural.

We use legitimate means to get your website as high up the page rankings as possible because if you cheat, as some web design outfits do, Google can spot the dishonesty and BAN you – with disastrous consequences for your business.

There are many myths and theories out there about what the holy grail of SEO really is.

Some will say it is keywords repeated, others that it is website structure, but in reality it is a technique to build a site specifically focussed on quality content all round.

That’s our bottom line – high-quality, clever but affordable website design that really works. Contact us today.

We employ the latest technology on our servers that ensures your website stays optimised and keeps working for you.

In layman’s terms, when a search engine robot (also known as a spider) visits your website, it crawls the site for data that is structured, informative and plentiful. The more topical information that will appeal to Internet surfers, the better it scores your site.

Our HP Proliant server technology assists the search engine robots by delivering the data they seek in a structured and methodical manner, quickly and efficiently. The more data collected per visit, the better the website scores.

We don’t divulge details of how we build our web designs but here are two cheats we don’t use:

  • We don’t try to trick search engines by hiding a whole list of keywords in white type on a white background
  • We don’t buy in dozens of unnatural links to make your site look unfeasibly popular

Instead, all your keywords will be woven seamlessly into natural text. And we’ll develop natural links to your site as other websites find its content valuable and think it would be useful to their visitors, part of the dynamic nature of the Internet.

Why don’t we cheat like some web design cowboys? Because Google’s not stupid and we don’t want you to be struck off!

Contact us today.