English Courses in Ireland

MyWebsiteSpace were delighted to be chosen as the website development company for the Bristow School of English. A Dublin based school of English with a successful worldwide reputation for teaching foreign national students the English language (and a few Irish words too!)

The website (www.englishcoursesireland.com) has been developed with translation into 36 different languages (with more being added) allowing potential students with limited English, to read all about the Bristow School in their own native language.

Offering a wide choice of English courses to students, the Bristow School of English caters from junior level (12 years upwards) courses to adult courses with Golf & English Summer Courses and other sports activities.

The new website has been designed with mobile technology in mind as students are potentially likely to search for the English courses using a mobile phone as they are a laptop or PC. Whatever they choose to surf the Internet with, www.englishcoursesireland.com will be viewable to them.

Testimonials are an important element to the school with past students keen to give feedback as to their experiences whilst on a course in Dublin.

So, apart from the multi-language translation and mobile compatibility, The Bristow School of English wanted the ability for the website to be maintained and updated quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, and we are delighted that the CMS web solution we have provided more than ticks these boxes too.

The new website already covers key areas of the school courses and learning English in Dublin, including:

…to name but just a few


To view the Bristow School of English website click here