Why Choose Us

MyWebsiteSpace.co.uk is a small and friendly design consultancy taking the fresh, exciting approach of specialising in Search Engine Optimised (SEO) business websites.

We build affordable, scaleable sites ready to be found on the web, ready to deliver business opportunities to small and medium-sized companies.

Based at Liphook in Hampshire, we now provide successful online exposure to businesses locally, regionally and abroad.

Start small, develop sensibly …

Our websites are modular and fully scaleable in both number of pages and the all-important budget.

We can advise you on building a website up from a basic four pages saying what you do with case study and contact page, to a full-blown optimised website.

You can do this in an affordable way without having to start afresh by devoting more budget to add more content, products and services as your online business starts to deliver results and grows.

Flexibility is key to giving any business the edge to expand and target specific areas. MyWebsiteSpace.co.uk recognise this and will support you all the way with our adaptable and progressive approach to your business development.

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